Daughter of the Earth

Daughter of the Earth
Gloria is a daughter of the Earth, traditional hedge witch, eco-regional druid, bio-regional animist, artist and writer. Through creative thinking, and sacred living I aim to inspire others to live deeper and more meaningful lives for ourselves and all living beings. I see caring for and respect for our Mother Earth, who provides life and nourishment, as Sacred.
I invite you to journey through a process of self discovery transforming both our view of the world, and our own unique capacity to thrive within it.I believe recognition of our spiritual connection to nature is vital to the well-being of ourselves and the planet. Knowing and honoring the sacredness of Earth and the life she supports helps us acknowledge our own place within the living eco-systems of the planet. When we do this we can experience a deep sense of belonging that comes from embracing the interdependence of all life.
Daughter of Earth



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