Bless the Water - World Water Day

There is a mystical connection between water and land that can be seen if one is open to it. Today my moon came earlier than most months and I found myself seeking solitude with the river away from others. This being the case, unlike many of my other nature rituals, today was one of introspection. I sat with the sight, sound, and scent of the river herself nurturing my self for a very long time. I thought on how as human beings we are all dependent on intimate attachment for survival. I thought of concepts of water that one finds in the Tao Ta Ching, the bible, and other spiritual texts. One of the ideas each of those spiritual texts touches on in regards to water is introspection. So, as I sat I began to focus on the process of introspection through the symbolic meaning of water... and how we are all (like all of nature) intimately connected to water, both physically and spiritually. Now I know there are many who are aware of these concepts but there are so many more, I believe, who are too far removed from the natural way of things. So while I also prayed for and blessed the water today I also intended to continue my work of helping others to reconnect to nature on deeper levels. To help them learn the give and take of healing with and helping to heal the land. #SacredSelfSacredEarth #GypsyGroveArts
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