Sacred Self, Sacred Earth

Our ancestors walked more humbly upon the earth, under the sun, the moon, and the stars. I try to follow in the footsteps of these ancestors. When I walk in the forest I am filled with awareness that the forest is as aware of me as I am aware of it. I am conscious of the slightest movement of the wind, speaking in a soft breeze, through a branch or a leaf. I am reminded that every living creature has purpose and meaning.
We are now living at a time when all cycles and systems of life are out of balance. I hold the belief that through inner exploration, outer projection, creative thinking, and intentional living we can re-vision and manifest a future that includes the sacredness and interconnectedness of ALL life on earth.
Ecological mindfulness and the strengthening of our relationship to earth is what is greatly needed now. We need to move beyond the concept of the “environment,” which often leads people to experience themselves and earth as two separate entities therefore seeing the planet only in terms of what it can do for them.
Mother nature is a cosmic system of intelligence which has been an active, alive force long before we occupied this planet. She is above us, below us, all around us, and even inside usWe are the Earth and we are always carrying her within us.
Realizing that we are a living, breathing manifestation of this beautiful planet is what has inspired me to create Sacred Self, Sacred Earth. Through this course I aim to bring us back to living in balance with nature, to acknowledging our deep connection with Mother Earth and all of the children she inhabits here.
Earth and self came forth from the same sacred source and share a reciprocal relationship with each other. The well being of our planet and ourselves depends upon a healthy ecosphere, and this in turn depends upon the kind of relationship that we as sentient human beings create with earth and all the life that she sustains.

I invite you to journey through a process of self discovery transforming both our view of the world, and our own unique capacity to thrive within it. We will explore ways of nurturing relationship to self, relationship to other, relationship to all life on earth. Sacred Self, Sacred Earth is a 5 week online journey for men and women.
You can read more and register here.
I believe recognition of our spiritual connection to nature is vital to the well-being of ourselves and the planet. Knowing and honoring the sacredness of Earth and the life she supports helps us acknowledge our own place within the living eco-systems of the planet.
Through creative thinking, and sacred living I aim to inspire others to live deeper and more meaningful lives for ourselves and all living beings.
How do you implement creativity, and the sacred in your life?
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