Embrace Me Earth, I Am Your Daughter

Daughter of The Earth ©GloriaGypsy
Daughter of the Earth

The Earth outdoes any lover in its nurturing relationship to human beings, and life in general. We barely understand the intricate ways in which our genes are woven into the fabric of life, but it is known that microbes dating back billions of years were key in building human DNA and continue to play a major role in it to this day. "I am the Earth, the Earth is me," The Earth itself is endowed with an innate spirituality.

At the heart of the connection with nature is love. As with anything that we love, we begin to care more about nature if we have a relationship with it. And the only way to develop such a relationship is for us to experience nature fully; we must walk in, play, explore, see, touch, and communicate with nature. When we do this we not only become connected to nature, but also become an integral part of nature.

“The earth - so say the shamans - possesses a structure that is related in essence to that of the human body. Like us, it has breath - the air. Like us it has a heartbeat - the fiery magma. Like us, it has a skeletal system p the mountains Like us, it has musculature - the hills and forests. It has glands like us - Its mineral wealth. and it has a consciousness, its own thought, of which we ourselves are merely one aspect.” - Marie-Lu Lorier, Shamanic Healing

Every place on the earth carries the energetic imprint of what has happened in that location. The earth holds the stories of everything that has ever happened in its soils, in the waters and in the air. There are stories of love, violence, dreams and hopes. Stories of the ancestors who lived there or passed through. Stories of murder and stories of ceremonial sites with great power used hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago. Although we have long forgotten these stories, the earth still holds them.

As a healer with a deep connection to the earth I have become acutely aware of how the earth is holding these imprints and the tremendous need to return balance to the land. If a place holds trauma, that imprint directly impacts those who live, work or interact with that place. To heal ourselves, to find peace and to create wholeness we must also heal the earth, these imprints and our relationship to the land.

One way that I incorporate this with my creativity is by holding sacred space and creating monthly prayer paintings sent out globally to those in need. This weekly healing ritual is also sent to our mother Gaia to counter act all the abuses she currently suffers.

Creative Sacred Space by  Gloria Gypsy
Sacred Creative Space

My studio is my temple.

When I create I am collaborating with creation itself. I am uniting with Goddess. I carefully and silently prepare my materials while holding space in healing intention. I then take a few minutes before I begin a painting to sit quietly and just breathe. This allows me to go into the work with humility, which is to say a place of acknowledging that I am serving a divine intention, not dictated by my own will.

Prayer painting is an intuitive process. I like to use my fingers and let the energy of the paint merge with the energy of my intentions and of myself. I feel a deeper connection this way. If I am using a brush I look at it as an extension of my hand, of my fingers... and I let the energies flow through the paint. The painting/prayer then begins to reveal itself on the canvas as I work.

Ritual Art by  Gloria Gypsy
Prayer Art Ritual performed for Lake Michigan

Sacred Self, Sacred Earth

In Nature we share a common experience of reverence with others. A place to refresh ourselves, to re-energize, to come back in balance to center. And in Nature we realize that we are part of something bigger than our individual selves, something that often leaves us with a sense of wonder.

When we say things like "Nature is my church" what do we mean? What are we really saying? I believe this statement is our recognition of nature's ability to speak of the transcendent, of our Earth Mothers majesty and grandeur....that Earth and Self came forth from the same Sacred Source and share a reciprocal relationship with each other.

And so I was drawn further to create the Sacred Self, Sacred Earth course that I offer through Creative Sacred Living. A course that explores the sacred relationships we have both within and without. ways of nurturing relationship to self, relationship to other, relationship to all life on earth.

Where we learn through inner exploration, outer projection, creative thinking, and intentional living how we can re-vision and manifest a future that includes the sacredness and interconnectedness of ALL life on earth.



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