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Flower Mandala Gloria Gypsy

Nature Mandala Gloria Gypsy

I've written a few times  (mostly on my Facebook art page) over this past winter how I am transitioning back to natural elements with my artwork. I had gone through a deep winter drop where I really sat with myself... asking questions... where are you yearning for? where is your heart leading you? The answer each time was home. But, "what do you mean home?" I would wonder. And then, it came to me. Home to me is in nature and I had over the past few years, slowly been drifting farther and farther away.

Connection with the natural world has always been an integral part of my life since a young child, and so when I found myself in 2007 moving from living off the land, out in the country into a small city I told myself that it was temporary and that I would work my way back. In the meantime I would still be able to spend time in nature by camping, and taking hikes on near by ice-age trails (Wisconsin is full of them). I would be able to garden, and still incorporate and sustain my deep connection with nature.... which I did, however, what I did not at first notice was how over all those years, my creativity and artwork had little by little begun to change. 

Nature Mandala Gloria Gypsy

Little by little I stopped creating my crafts... oak rune disks, naturally died fiber arts, macrame'd pieces, hand crafted jewelry... and much more and instead began to paint more, both digitally and traditionally. It took longer finding natural supplies and was just easier to purchase paints, and pens and still be able to create. 

And, I loved it, for awhile. I was accessing my intuition through expressive painting and had many great projects through out. Until, I began to feel less and less satisfied with what I was creating. So then, after the winter drop I realized that I could again find that deep connection I once had by letting go of my perceived limitations to natural art. and so I set the attention and began to research how I exactly I would go about this new transformation.

At first I found lots of inspirational artists using natural materials like these soot paintings by Steven Spazuk. I started to create artwork out in natural areas when I could, as in my ritual sand drawings.

I kept researching.... and intending.  

And then I found and ordered an excellent natural art resource book:

Just pre-ordered my copy of The Organic Artist by Nick Neddo! ↡ see below ↯
Posted by Gloria Gypsy on Sunday, November 16, 2014

and started collecting supplies, like these feathers and rib bones to use as pen tips...

Natural pen tips. I've come across some rib bones and feather quills that I will be transforming into pen tips for creative tools.
Posted by Gloria Gypsy on Saturday, December 13, 2014

I kept thinking up new ideas... here I talk about how I saved my sons hair for creating paint brushes and I've collected much more, now that I am in the midst of spring where I am able to scavenge more left offerings from nature I am about to embark on a new frontier with my natural art supplies and paintings! So, from here on out my website, blog and portfolio will be slowly changing, evolving and growing into something new. I am excited beyond words and have not felt such joy in a long time. I hope you all can enjoy this new journey with me!

My son had a haircut today. Guess who will be making handmade, natural paint brushes?Thanks to The Organic Artist for...
Posted by Gloria Gypsy on Saturday, January 31, 2015



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