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Creative Journaling Gloria Gypsy
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Creative journaling is a form of creative expression that I do almost daily. I've found that it develops emotional awareness, reinforces self-esteem and aids in problem-solving while also providing a record of artistic growth, struggle and change.

Creative Journaling Gloria Gypsy

Recently I was asked to help a client with her creative process. Below are some basic exercises that I suggested she use to work through the creativity blocks she was experiencing.

DIALOGUE: Writing a dialogue between one or more subjects helps to identify and separate emotions, ideas, issues and influences in a given creative situation. The primary result of writing dialogue is to clarify the creative situation, to give voice to all aspects of the situation and to restore the situation to it's proper perspective.

GRATITUDE LIST: Thank you lists are very easy to write. It takes no more than a few seconds, some paper and a pen to create a list. Thank you lists, no matter what the length, powerfully challenge negative thoughts, disappointment and discouragement. Lists also help restore the situation to it's rightful place in the clients creative process. Thank you lists are especially useful when pursuing long-term goals and facing crises.

Creative Journaling Gloria Gypsy

COMPLETED ACTION LIST: What a client thinks can powerfully impact the creative process. Building an artistic career upon past negative artistic experiences blocks creative expression. It also leaves no room for the possibility of current or future positive change. Keeping track of completed actions, no matter how small, provides an accurate record of the client's progress toward her artistic and business goals.

GOAL LIST: Identifying and developing artistic and business goals, provides a clear path for fulfilling the client's dreams. Regular progress through each goal can become a ready source of motivation for the client. The goal list provides a reality check for both the client and the coach, when difficulties rise or progress is being assessed.

Creative Journaling Gloria Gypsy

CHARACTER TRAITS LIST: Developing and maintaining a list of the character traits reinforces self-esteem, aids in problem-solving, and increases emotional awareness. The client describes one success using one character trait. The client learns to acknowledge her participation in the creative process which will encourage future creative learning and growth.

Creative Journaling Gloria Gypsy

Keeping a journal of creative work and progress can enrich all areas of an artist's life. 
What are some of your creative journaling techniques?



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