Creative Manifestation

Today the New Moon has risen in Sagittarius.

The start of a new cycle. The start of new beginnings.

The New Moon is a time for the conception of an idea to become birthed into life with the coming Full moon. Knowing that words and thoughts ARE vibrations that flow out into the ether, my intentions (whether thought, written, or spoken) carry power.

I will set aside space tonight to sit in my intent. To manifest. As women we too have our phases, as does the moon. I've come to find that working in connection with the moon is most beneficial, and that the more I sync with the moon the more potent my work is.

First I cleanse my sacred area with an opening prayer/invocation and a sage/mugwort smudge mix. I lay my crystals and and personal sacred objects, including a ring I will wear until the Full Moon (fruition of what I create tonight).

Then I center, letting go of the days energetic dust. Letting go of the stress, the worries, the agendas... all of it, as I visualize it flowing down and out of my body, through my feet and into the ground below.

I then sit with my art journal and begin to writing and sketching, and painting my intentions.... as I take the time to do this I am also feeling/seeing/knowing these intentions as real... as coming to life.

This is manifestation!

I will work on this for some time. Work until it feels right to stop. Then throughout the remaining days leading to the full moon I may come back to it and write more, or perhaps add new images that represent my intentions and prayers.

Some days I will simply sit with the journal, revisiting the words, the images, the essence of it. Perhaps I will go through the meditative visualization again. Whatever I am called to at each moment...



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