Intuitive Drawing

Soul Scribbles by Gloria Gypsy
Intuitive Drawing ©Gloria Gypsy.All Rights Reserved

Words and images hold power. They ignite feeling, emotion, connection... They help us to grow both inward and outward. The process of creation, whether through painting or writing, helps us to release our deeper voice and begin the journey to self.

Lately I've gone back to exploring myself through intuitive drawing (sometimes referred to as doodling).

Intuitive Painting Journal by Gloria Gypsy
Intuitive Painting ©Gloria Gypsy.All Rights Reserved

I also refer to it as automatic (or trance) drawing. Allowing my mind to remain open to the impressions I am receiving, without filtering through them.... words and images can be drawn or written out and the details contemplated later...

Sometimes the process brings out more abstract forms as in the examples above. Other times a more structured image begins to develop...

Plant Spirals by Gloria Gypsy
Intuitive Painting ©Gloria Gypsy.All Rights Reserved

but either way, through the process, by allowing that deeper voice to emerge, gives birth to our state of being that may not have been apparent beforehand.

Soul Scribbles Intuitive Painting Gloria Gypsy
Intuitive Journal Page ©Gloria Gypsy.All Rights Reserved



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