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"The White Moon Cycle is a menstrual cycle that bleeds during the New Moon...
The White Moon Cycle according to legend, mystical arts and yogic philosophy is the most preferred cycle for inner work as a woman is naturally pulling her energy in, and able to utilize her vast rich resources for the expansion of consciousness. The White Moon will be linking with her emotional, mental and soulful energies. 
To orientate your cycles towards the White Moon, consciously link your womb to the moon in meditation, prayer, journey work and ritual. Ask for your womb to align with the White Moon Cycle, consciously linking your awareness to bleed on the next New Moon. It is in fact very simple and easy to do this." - Anaiya Sophia

I have begun a lovely journey through The Woman's Quest ... unfolding women's path of power and wisdom, by Alexandra Pope.

The women's Quest workbook is a 13-session self guiding course specifically designed to initiate you in to the hidden powers of your body over 13 menstrual months. Each menstrual month you focus on a different aspect of the cycle, each session building on the one before.

The course incorporates journaling and charting during your cycles. So, being an artist I decided right away to create an art journal as I go through this course. I will also be drawing my own charts based off the charts offered in the course book. Lastly, I decided this morning that I would do an intuitive painting project as I worked through my cycles and the course. i will be documenting this painting project on my blog. The paintings, the process, the intuitive thoughts, energies and experiences that I have on this journey.

Moon Journal by Gloria Gypsy

When I was in my younger years I always bled with the Full Moon (Red Moon). In those days I was not as connected to my cycles as I am today. Now, in my mid-life years, I bleed with the New Moon (White Moon). Although I am connected to cycles and have done some work with this, I am excited to go deeper, and to learn more through Alexandra's course.

I invite you to follow along.



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