Full Moon Reflections

Moon Goddess by Gloria Gypsy

"We have been integrating what has been brought to light in the past few weeks and are ready to move out of these deeper waters. This Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates the last of it, and calls for us to gather our courage and take action that will enable us to  move forward." ~Mystic Mamma

I had participated in three meditations throughout the day for May's full moon. I started out with the Blossoming Tree - Full Moon Call hosted by Clare Dakin of TreeSisters, women seeding change. Clare's meditations are always deep and empowering. Her map of 5 choices is one of the most powerful meditation maps I have come across!

Later I joined an online circle of women for The Sage Goddess' May Full Moon Ritual for Power and Confidence.

And to end the day I sat in meditation with Meranda Gray and received her free monthly womb blessing. I receive the womb blessing each month. Each time I feel a deep connection with the other women participating and it is quite transformative!

The recurring energies in each of these for me personally was Abundance, Authenticity, Inner Fire, and Destiny. At the start of each meditation I drew randomly from my Awakening to your Divine Self oracle cards, which were recently gifted to me by my wonderful friend Jotree.

Each time I pulled the Catching Fire card!

Each day after I began and ended my days in meditation with the Catching Fire card. I began to fan my inner fire, with authentic intention to bring abundance into the space that I hold.

Suddenly I found myself in a whirl wind of activity! I began a four week course in hospice care with the intention of adding practical skills to my healing and shamanic work as a Psychopomp.

I received my calling to work as a guide to not only escort souls to the afterlife but to also serve as a guide through various transitions in life during my time as a live in caregiver for my grandmother.

I gained many skills and insights during this time and worked closely with my own spirit guides and those of my grandmother.

Soon, I will offering my services to others who are in need.

Along side of the classes I continued to work on Creative Sacred Living Magazine, while also offering my services as a volunteer to TreeSisters, homeschooling my son and generally holding my household together!

Although at times it was frustrating, hectic, and sometimes exhausting I held it all together with my meditations and the energies of the Catching Fire card reminding me to keep that inner fire burning!

Immediately after the classes ended and the magazine was published, I was commissioned to do a cover for the lovely Dr. Aradia's Kundalini Drums meditation CD. I was then contacted by Megan Hollingsworth's to be part of the creative team for Extinction Witness film, through VIRGIN films.

Wow, am attracting the abundance I was looking for in my life through connecting and working with these wonderful women who come from a place of authenticity and also work by fanning the flames of their passions!



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