What is Prayer Art?

Prayer Art World Water Day Gloria Gypsy
prayer art created for world water day
My studio is my temple.

When I create I am collaborating with creation itself. I am uniting with Goddess. I carefully and silently prepare my materials while holding space in healing intention. I then take a few minutes before I begin a painting to sit quietly and just breathe. This allows me to go into the work with humility, which is to say a place of acknowledging that I am serving a divine intention, not dictated by my own will.

Prayer painting is an intuitive process. I like to use my fingers and let the energy of the paint merge with the energy of my intentions and of myself. I feel a deeper connection this way. If I am using a brush I look at it as an extension of my hand, of my fingers... and I let the energies flow through the paint. The painting/prayer then begins to reveal itself on the canvas as I work.

"Creating art as an act of prayer is an embodied, active prayer. It recognizes that every thought and action that we undertake, if is done with a spiritual awareness, will have a spiritual effect.
In this light creating art is the channel through which an artist's prayers are manifested. Art is not prayer because of a particular imagery or symbolism that is used. Art is a conscious connection to the Creator" -Erika Hastings

The goal of the exercise is not product but process. The process of creation; creating with intent, creating from a place of love and authenticity, creating from the source...this is where the magic happens! When painting listen to what that source is saying to you, through you. Are you urged to move closer or farther from the canvas? In which direction does the paint pull you over the canvas. What colors are screaming out to you in their brilliance? Which ones softly nudge you in their softness.... 
Suel by Gloria Gypsy
Depression: Soul's Quest for Depth, Meaning & Wholeness
Following is a small exercise you can try with prayer painting.
1. Quiet, Stop for a moment, breathe and just relax. Perhaps you have a favorite mantra or prayer you like to recite?
2. Intention, What am I grateful for? What do I want to change right now? Who would I like to help right now?
3. Attention, Look over your studio (temple) and your supplies. What medium is calling to you? Paper, canvas or perhaps clay? What color of paint or marker or pencil draws your eye?
4. Notice, What feelings, thoughts, desires do you notice? How does the paint brush feel in your hand? Too long, too rough, to fat? Do you desire to feel the paint or clay on your fingertips?
5. Respond, put finger or brush to paint and start to move. Roll the clay around with your hand, write words on your paper... and just let go to the movements of your process. Let go to the intuitive energies moving through and around you. Watch as your creation/prayer/intent forms into itself!
6. Close, Offer an affirmation, declaration of thanks, gesture or symbol of ending the experience.

Note: You may want to keep a journal on each sacred exercise so you can follow your creative process with prayer painting. If you are an art journalist, the journal itself may be your canvas!



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