My Iconic Essence

My Iconic Essence by Gloria Gypsy

In 2013 I followed a personal vision quest to discover my own Iconic Essence, inspired by Laura Hollick.

This inner exploration was both  an enchanting ride of beauty and dreamscaping, and a (sometimes terrifying) immersion into the dark landscapes of my very essence!

I gradually had to openly admit to myself truths about who I am, what my soul purpose is... I confronted and drudged up old, old conflicts within myself. I wrestled with the insecurity demon, and I worked very, very hard on knowing that it is OK, to not be able to fix everyone else, that it is OK to take time to heal MYSELF.

And, I also rejoiced in my new, deeper understanding of my personal truths, I celebrated my creativity, and I created like there was no tomorrow ... but most of the creation was done inside rather then outside on paper or canvas. I created, or re-created my iconic essence and became a more Empowered Creatix going in this new year.



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