Pocket Shrine

Nature Pocket Shrine by Gloria Gypsy

Today in my art therapy course we made pocket shrines. What is a pocket shrine you ask?  It is a personal space in which to reflect what is important to you.

All art making is healing, because we move into the moment, become more aware and our brain waves shift and we move into a deeper, healing awareness.  Art therapists call this approach Art As Therapy, not necessarily art therapy. - Caterina
 Simply put, art is Medicine.

Nature Pocket Shrine by Gloria Gypsy

The pocket shrine I created today is a nature shrine.

I just LOVED this project. The pocket shrines really RESONATED with me.
I keep a creative altar in my art studio for creative energies and inspiration. I also have an ancestor shrine in my home that I have photographs of family members who have passed on, memorabilia from them and candles. So, the idea of these tiny shrines that I can make and carry with me or put in areas of my home is just wonderful. I plan to make more of these in the future as needed.

My shrine is a nature shrine. I spend a good majority of my time in nature (with my son) on nature walks, camping, etc. Nature is my go to place to re-connect, Nature is my church. I find great spirituality in nature.

I made my shrine using a green altoids can. I include the green felt as color symbolism (grass, fields, and also the color of the heart chakra) and an image of nature that is actually the back of a playing card. I then put in items I had found previously while being in nature. Little gifts left in my path by the nature spirits for me to find. I have a feather of unknown origin, a pine cone, a flat oval rock, and an acorn. The arrow head and the mandarin orange spessartite stone were purchased and both hold meaning for me as well.

I did not glue anything down in my shrine as I want to be able to change/add to the items that I have in it as needed. All of the items fit into the box when closed for easy transport.

Having a portable nature shrine allows me to connect with the healing energies of nature no matter where I may be! Very powerful medicine in deed.

What about you?  Have you created a pocket shrine, or any other kind of shrine? Tell me your shrine story in the comments!



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