Inner Landscape

Inner Landscape by Gloria Gypsy

Inner Landscape (c)2014 Gloria Gypsy. All rights reserved

By turning inward we begin to understand who we are as a person.

Our inner landscape is the totality of our experience including the places that seem dim, murky and off-limits, where we feel out of balance. Exploring within is about visiting those places that we have hidden away and seeing clearly what is there. Like exploring a forest or mountain there are many lessons to be learned if one is perceptive. 

Inner exploration is simply the awareness that arises as we allow experience to be fully as it is... Tweet This!

When allowed their natural flow, these deep experiences express themselves in our physical well being, and the nourishing, powerful and joyful ways we interact with ourselves and the outer world. Where we are blocked and cut-off from our inner self, their tremendous powers become pooled, tangled and distorted. The natural become unnatural and toxic, finding its expression in our malaise and dysfunction.

What is deep, core and essential in us longs for expression in the everyday of our lives; for our outer existence to be a seamless expression of the best of our inner landscape.




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