Owl Mandala Step by Step

Owl Watercolor by Gloria Gypsy

I held a contest for my facebook fans to win a free watercolor painting from me a little while back. I took step by step photos of my process creating the winning painting and decided to share the steps on how I create a water color painting with all of you.

The painting I created is an owl mandala on done on cold press acid free water color paper.

Owl Watercolor Step 1 by Gloria Gypsy

The first step was to draw my owl mandala.  I used sharpie colored markers for the outlines of image.

Owl Watercolor Step 2 by Gloria Gypsy

I then taped the work to my water board to stretch the paper and prepare it for painting. The water process allows you to stretch the paper to prevent curl ups with the paper while painting with the water color. Make sure that you use artists tape and not masking tape as the masking tape will pull and tear the paper as you remove it.

Owl Watercolor Step 3 by Gloria Gypsy

After taping the paper to your board you then brush water over the entire paper with a clean paint brush. You can let the paper dry overnight or if you're short on time you can use the hair dryer metho. I set the my hair dryer on medium  and slowly dry over the entire paper smoothing with my hand if needed outward toward the taped edges.

Owl Watercolor Step 4 by Gloria Gypsy

After my paper is completely dry I then  began to paint in the details with water color paint....

Owl Watercolor Step 5 by Gloria Gypsy

Finally when finished with the owl details, I then painted the background. Sometimes I will paint the backgrounds first and do details second. With this particular piece I reversed the process. And so, now we have the finished work!



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