Out Of The Ether

Out of the Ether by Gloria Gypsy

the negative equation of an external merkaba

the error is replacing the instinctual with the logical, the reflex with the cogent flow chart. one should not remove the living flesh, employ a synthetic shroud, and expect no ill effects. embrace that which you know not you embody. celebrate the truth of fundamental existence. everything ever known is somewhere deep inside you. anything ever dreamed is just within your reach. focus outward: find distraction, focus inward: find eternity.
every story ever told contains a seed of truth. these are the similarities, the areas of oneness. coincidence and repetition are the landmarks on the journey. synchronicity; divinity's humor. learn to wait, wait and learn.

as fleshly sight fades
eternity's night gives way.
swamped by waves of light

prose by *mrnakes and =AlecBell's haiku

My image used as the preview image here [link]

Reference for tetrahedron is from Stephen Fitz-Gerald



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