Etheric Sun

Etheric Sun by Gloria Gypsy
Etheric Sun, acrylic on canvas. Gloria Gypsy

The Etheric Sun Meditation By David R.G. Davies

(It is advisable to do a little deep breathing before starting practice. Sit upright in straight backed chair with hands face down on the knees, head tilted slightly up. Be relaxed yet alert. Close your eyes.)

Visualize above the head. The new consciousness of 'Oneness and Spiritual Power' as being a brilliant white spiritual orb radiating forth, like a miniature Sun. It is all strength, vitality and energy.

Try to feel the warmth of its emanations beaming down on you, filling every part of you with healing vibrant light. Be engulfed by its flame and regenerated by its power and resplendence.

After spending some 30-40 secs on this visualization.

Repeat the Mantra ... Om mani padme hum . (This is a wonderful mantra to use before and after giving and sending Spiritual Healing.)

Then continue to pronounce this holy mantra together with the meditation. Chant the words aloud, lightly singing, but nevershout. Project the mantra calmly with all the feeling and love in your heart, for as long as you like. Two to three minutes is good at first. Extend to 5-10 minutes after some practice. Practice as long and as often as you like.

When you say it in a group, one of you should start it off first, followed in unison by the others .

This very sacred mantra should be announced with great sincerity and reverence. Imagine fire on the breath.

In the Etheric Sun meditation you imagine an orb of white light about 6 to 8 inches or so above the top of your head and about 12 to 18 inches in diameter.

The Brahma chakra will be stimulated and together will emit wonderful Spiritual energies that will permeate every cell and every molecule of your body. Filling the very core of your being with brilliant, scintillating, rebuilding light. Really try to feel this incredible regenerating, etheric-spiritual force. An elevating and uplifting energy that will embrace your whole being.

Imagine the ethers around you moving and shifting like the movement of currents of thick and dense air. Practice as often as you like .

At the end, close with a short yet heart-felt prayer of thanks.

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